At Michael Burdge we are extremely proud of our reputation overseas and our ability to provide a seamless, trouble-free export service. We look after customers from all over the world and we have been exporting agricultural machinery to overseas customers for over 25 years. Our expertise in the export market is second-to-none and we are delighted to assist our customers with the export process once they have purchased a machine from us. We can deal with pre-export inspections, shipping, loading and handling so that your machine reaches you in pristine condition. Our experience allows us to take care of this process for you at no extra cost. We can help you negotiate the paperwork and ensure that your machine reaches you in any part of the world as quickly as possible.

From combines to tractors, forage harvesters to balers, we are happy to arrange the export and delivery of your machine anywhere in the world.

At Michael Burdge, we deal in the following currencies: US$, Canadian $, Euros, £ Sterling

Exports to EU Countries

We will need VAT records from you along with a valid VAT number and your business trading name, full address and contact details.

Goods are exempt from VAT provided customers can meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Orders must be confirmed to us to us by email;
  • You must inform us of your valid VAT number. All VAT numbers will be checked and verified;
  • A CMR MUST be provided at collection from our yard and we must have a copy of the same CMR back with the GOODS RECEIVED box stamped and signed.
  • These documents MUST be received within one month of the original collection date.

Exports to non-EU countries

Exports to non-EU countries are exempt from VAT provided you meet the following criteria:

  • Before the machine leaves our yard we must be in receipt of a standard shipping note showing entry port, ship and destination. If we are not satisfied with any of these documents we will charge VAT at the current rate, which will be refunded on proof of shipping.

Machines sold within the UK

All goods sold within the UK are sold with VAT to be added at current rate.

Michael Burdge

Established 1992

Here at Michael Burdge, we believe that buying used tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery should be made easy. Established since 1992, we offer a highly competitive and fast sales service, tailored precisely to our customers needs.