Miscellaneous Machinery

Whatever your requirements for agricultural machinery, here at Michael Burdge we offer an extensive range of machinery whether you are looking for a maize drill, seed drill, power harrow, cultivator, livestock trailer, pick-up hitch or new tyres. We offer a range of accessories and attachments in addition to our specialist ranges. We are pleased to offer Pronar, Amazone, Kuhn and Quicke amongst the many well-known manufacturers.

Bailey 12 Tonne Silage Trailer

Ref: M3674
Year: 2014

Price: £14,500


Shelbourne Reynolds 2300 Power Spreader Pro

Ref: M3749
Year: 2014

Price: £13,950


Claas 492 4 Wheel Drive Transfer Gear Box

Ref: M3728

Price: £8,750


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